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A direct son of Shigeshigenami who also sired two time Japanese grand champion Okushige and was the grand sire of famed cows Suzutani and Rikitani. The Shigekanenami family or Kumanami strain of Tajima is renowned for carcass performance as well as snow flake marbling. This superior line of Tajima is represented three times in theped igree of TF 148 Itoshigenami, twice through the sire and once through the dam. Also found through the pedigree is Dai 7 Itozakura through the second dam Yukizakura. In Australia, TF 148 Itoshigenami has produced innumerable impactful sons including such standouts as Mayura Itoshigenami Jr and Sumo Itoshigenami C0158. TF 148 Itoshigenami has dominated pedigrees and performance in Australia.