A direct son of ETJ 001 Hirashigetayasu J2351 by Dai 20 Hirashige, Z278 carries the growth, structure, size, and milk associated to his sire attributing to his Kedaka and Okayama heritage. In the second sire position, we find marbling performance through ETJ 003 Kitateruyasudoi J2810 who is well respected for superior marbling ability as a direct son of Terunagadoi and a combination of Yasumidoi and Kikumidoi heritage through the sire and dam lines. In the third position, ETJ 002 Itomoritaka J2703 highlights a base a growth, milk, maternal, and rib area through a potent pairing of linebred Kedaka by Kitakedaka, Kedakafuji, & Nishizuru, as well as Tottori, Itozakura, and Okayama genetics. Rounding out this pedigree, the third dam, Takeharu balances out Z278 through additions of Yasutanidoi, Yasumidoi, Dai 7 Itozakura, and Namidoi genetics by Shigekanenami, the influential sire of the Kumanami strain responsible for many breed standouts. Westholme Z278 provides a balance of prefectural blood more in line with breeding styles present in Japan.